Shane McCrae













































Most otherwise most beautiful most beau-


tiful the same     and otherwise and bright


Here bright here beautiful     most walking though


Most moved     and were I not a patriot




Most walking through wave walking through the o-


cean loses     every step its body she


Most walking through     a crowded room     or in


Public and were she not each injury




Most walking disembodied through the air


Most watched looked after     watched and what


Eye looks and doesnÕt take most beautiful


And what eye looks and gives     what wave is part




Of the ocean it makes     visibly an ocean


Most walking through if no man loves his country


Because no country has a body or


What country gives     and does not take the body




Most otherwise and bright here beautiful


And from one city to the next espe-


cially a train built specially one cit-


y to the next     most walking every step




From one compartment to the next she loses


Her body     crowded     and what step is part


Forward or backward     of the motion of


The train     and were I not a patriot




I wouldnÕt look     and bright here bright here beauti-


ful otherwise     no country loves the body













































Mule with a black boyÕs head a little mule


Young mule a     black boyÕs head old Spanish word


I had a black boyÕs head     I was not changed


I had a young muleÕs legs I was transformed




A little mule a little     master lit-


tle master littler mule a teacup mule


I carried tea and brayed at the horses in


The fields     my mother my half-sisters all




Horses in the fields     and in the masterÕs bed


My fatherÕs bed I carried tea I was


Not changed     to the master and his only son


My master my half-brother my half-sis-




ters in my fatherÕs bed     I was transformed


My fatherÕs only son my other self


My other half invisible     and lived


The only one of us     in the visible




World in the world     where horses do not speak


And humans do not hide     in horsesÕ bod-


ies I     have never seen that world     but eve-


ryone who goes there comes back white     erased