Dorothea Lasky















































Sun on the shadows, even dirty birds are nice when they brush up against you

Like the pigeons in the park when they come whirling at you they are nice

To feel their wings and necks against you, like wind only better

Because they are living

Grey birds because they are dirty

With city soot, the smokestacks

Of living in a sour time, the way that we breathe so

In every city legend we work

Too fast to be part machine but only part of it

That we are machines only in that we are not birds

I am part of this world but I am not

Of this time and place, when you look at me

You can see it in my eyes that I am not

What you thought I was and when you stand next to me

You will feel my aura is not the aura of this time but a timeless time

That is always new because it is water and air

And when I speak, it is a new voice but it is not a new voice

No, it is an old one, no it is present so

That you find yourself in love with me

Well who could blame you, I canÕt stop you

From loving a ghost of yourself that was willing to speak

Of living things that you so readily had forgotten when you yourself so was so living so living so that you forgot how to breathe and you died

I will not let you die, no

So there are ghosts that are not me but that I am a reflection of

In that I am living, water, and air, part lime in that I am a woman

But I am not a woman so much so that I am air

And air that breathes through you giving you a home that I will never take away

I will never take this home away, soft bed that is my voice

And hot chili in the dinner I make for you

You have come back from working all day with coal and ice

Come back, I will take you back to what you once knew












































The more I fly, the more I have developed a fear of flying

I have learned too

That the key to being humble

Is to use your powers for good

Red koala eats the trees, but it is to make him big

For example, everything either has power or it doesnÕt

That is not the point

The point is I could kill you if I wanted to

But I donÕt want to

I want to love you, little son

In my arms, arms of honey

The koala eats, he is big,

But it is to protect you that he is big, red koala

I say things loud but they are to protect you

Cause sometimes you canÕt say what you want to

So I sum you up

I speak loud, over you, but it is not to hear myself speak

It is to make sure that when I die I have said everything you needed to say so that you never die

I donÕt want you to die, little son

I want you to grow big and strong













































When my dad got AlzheimerÕs all the plants died

In the nursing home there are no plants

There is nothing to live for

Dogs circle the pink painted building

The orderly staff waits with the bleach

Asking me where the diapers are, I do not know

I havenÕt had a love in a very long time, a true love

One that makes you feel all jiggly inside

I havenÕt felt all jiggly inside since I donÕt know when

Still I will not go to work in a factory for machines

Art may want to be mechanized but I am not going to let it Goddamn it

Not gonna let it all be steel driver without my fist

Even the dead plants whisper to me to feed them

I feed them, the rabbits, and the dogs

I feel the babies bread toast, they are bald and wild

And strung out on life, the little igloos

Of their heads only cold when you think of all the possibilities of love like waiting

I am not what I once was, but who would want to be

Who would want to be the same throughout a life, read the same books

Drink the same tea, wear the same dress, go to the same movies

Oh how I would cry at the same man bent over the same actress in the same dark suit

Someone has died in that movie

O I have seen that one before